The Sound Beach Fire Department is looking for Good Neighbors that want to serve the community of Sound Beach as a volunteer Firefighter/EMS person


Requirements to Join the Sound Beach FD 

  • You must be a resident Of Sound Beach

  •  Be between the ages of 18 to 55

  •  Pass a physical examination and Background Check


What positions are available? 

  • Firefighter/EMS

An individual in this position is trained as both a Firefighter and  EMS (Emergency Medical Services).  They complete a basic training course in firefighting and firefighting operations. These members respond on Ambulance calls and many of them are trained Emergency Medical Technicians.

  • EMS Personnel

This position is for an individual who is interested in joining however does not want to be a firefighter.  EMS personal training is more geared towards that of the Ambulance end of our operation. EMS personal are required to receive there Emergency Medical Technician certification within the prescribed probationary period set forth by the chief.

All training for these positions as well as all equipment is provided to you by the Sound Beach Fire District.  All you need to give is your time and dedication.


For more information on these positions Please contact the Chiefs office at (631) 744-2294 or by clicking here.

  • Junior Firefighters needed 

  • The Sound Beach Juniors is open to boys and girls ages 13 through 17 and meet the second Friday of each month at Fire Headquarters on Sound Beach Blvd at 7:30 PM

  • The kids are encouraged to participate in as many department activities as possible.

  • The juniors train so these potential firefighters gain a complete picture of how our department works as well as what it takes to be a volunteer firefighter. 

  • The juniors are also given some basic training in EMS to give them an overview of this end of our operation.

  • The children participate in parades with the department, competing for trophies against other junior fire departments.

  • During the training of the juniors it is stressed that school, church and family always come first.

  • The Junior Fire Department has been in existence for over twenty years.

  • The services the children perform help them satisfy their community service requirements for Confirmation and graduation.

 E-mail inquiries may be made to the Junior Fire Dept. by clicking here.

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